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An Artificial Night11 Compact Discs 13 HoursExperience The Thrill Of The Hunt In The Third October Daye Urban Fantasy Novel October Toby Daye Is A Changeling Half Human And Half Fae And The Only One Who Has Earned Knighthood Now She Must Take On A Nightmarish New Challenge Someone Is Stealing The Children Of The Fae As Well As Mortal Children, And All Signs Point To Blind Michael Toby Has No Choice But To Track The Villain Down Even When There Are Only Three Magical Roads By Which To Reach Blind Michael S Realm, Home Of The Wild Hunt And No Road May Be Taken Than Once If Toby Cannot Escape With The Children, She Will Fall Prey To The Wild Hunt And Blind Michael S Inescapable Power.

[PDF / Epub] ✎ An Artificial Night ☂ Seanan McGuire – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Audio CD
  • 13 pages
  • An Artificial Night
  • Seanan McGuire
  • English
  • 13 September 2018
  • 9781441858085

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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsFor whatever reason, the third installment is almost always a game changer in an urban fantasy series Iron Kissed is almost universally acknowledged as being when Mercy Thompson gets good, Faefever is when Mac finally starts being kick ass heroine than TSTL, and Magic Strikes is my favorite UF installment ever How many miles to Babylon It s threescore miles and ten Can I get there by candlelight Aye, and back again If your feet are nimble and your steps are light, you can get there and back by the candle s light She paused, voice changing cadences Children s games are stronger than you remember once you ve grown up and left them behind They re always fair, and never kind Remember AN ARTIFICIAL NIGHT follows the well established pattern The seeds McGuire planted in the first two books blossom into a breathtakingly faetastical world that is as dangerous as it is beautiful You d be surprised at how deep rose thorns can cut They re pretty, not safe It s been a few months since I reread A Local Habitation , and once again I forgot how darrrrrk this series can be I was quickly reminded w...

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    Ok, Steventhis one wasn t bad at all I see some of my friends couldn t get on board with this one, but I feel comfortable planting myself in the group that said this 3d book was a vast improvement in the series I was sorta meh about the 1st book, and was less than meh about the 2nd one, but Ding Ding Ding 3 was a winner for me.So, in this one Toby goes after a Big Bad that s SO BIG and SO BAD this mission is probably gonna kill her Like, reallyreallyreally kill her.But what s a girl gonna do when there are a bunch of adorable little kids that need to be saved Well, duh She s gonna put her big girl panties on, and save the day Yeah So, ...

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    Holy repetition, Batman I m beyond frustrated with this series On one hand I love the world and the characters Her ideas are fantastic, but the way the characters go round and around and back again is ridiculous How many times can Toby make a trek to the same place How many times can she almost die How many times does she have to say she s NOT A HERO How many times do we have to be told that you re not supposed to say, thank you, to the fae Apparently over and over and OVER AGAIN.So the plot is someone is stealing children and Toby has to find out who and stop them This is basically the whole book There s little that goes on in between Toby trying to rescue the kids and not getting herself or her friends killed This unfortunately brings me back to my feelings on the second novel her books are bloated and full of inconsequential scenes Tybalt is underused Toby gets hurt a lot It s basically the same thing over and over ad nauseum What was worse this time were the numerous visits with Lily, Luna, the Luidaeg, and Blind Michael S...

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    Reading with all my other buddy reading addicts at Buddies Books Baubles Just once, I want to meet the villain in a cheerful, brightly lit room Possibly one with kittens Well, Toby I don t think that is going to happen any time soon or if you did meet the villain in the brightly lit room, it would be because it was on fire and the kittens would still try and eat you or kill you with their 9 inch claws.I was on the fence with this series In my last review I compared reading this series to dating and getting to know the series Our first date Rosemary and Rue was okay, there was stuff I liked about it but it was a little dark and depressing But since it didn t break any of my no no rules I decided to October Skye a second date and A Local Habitation was even a little better I wasn t ready to make out with it or anything but some hand holding was in order So date 3 An Artificial Night, that is the tell tell date isn t That is the is this going somewhere, or should I just count my losses and just move on The verdict is in and October Skye and I are officially dating, there might even be...

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    4.25 5I can wholeheartedly say that An Artificial Night, the third installment in October Daye series, surprised me in a way that I never expected In fact, I didn t have high hopes for this one, given that the previous book didn t impress me much I even expected Toby to do several stupid things, but thankfully, she didn t do such things Anyway, she made some small mistakes but those were minor, which seemed acceptable to me.A bad day for Toby started with a knock at the door And when she opened it, she saw the woman standing there, looked exactly the same as her The woman told Toby that she was her Fetch, the spirit that came to escort her to the lands of dead And that was when reality hit her she was going to die and she couldn t stop it.After that, two of her friends children were missing from their room and one was still breathing but didn t wake up And when she thought her day couldn t get any worse, Tybalt asked her to help find five kids who vanished from the Court of Cats They all disappeared mysteriously, and she knew right then that she would willingly risk her...

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    Dear October, Let me give you some sisterly advice First, take charge of your life Admit you are choosing to do what you are doing, not being forced to by Stacy, the Luidaeg, Lily, or Blind Michael, or anyone else Own it If you are the only private investigator for the fae, demonstrate some initiative and actually investigate ask questions and stop acting like a child by whining tell me, stop giving me riddles Since you of all people are constantly telling us such fae generalizations like, never say thank you to the fae, or undine are even bound by protocol and politeness than most fae races, you should know better than to moan about riddles go out and solve them.Secondly, stop pushing people you love and who care for you away It s cheap emotional self protection, and it s as annoying as all hell While you are at it, stop lying to them under the guise of shielding them Refusing Quentin s help was enough, but did you have to be nasty to prove how toxic you are Then push Connor away after he comes to your driving rescue, justifying it because Selkies are at the bottom of the hierarchy of power, when at least he is full blood Sending the fetch in to pose as you to your friend Stacy in her time of grief and reunion It s hard to follow a...

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    Ohh, this one was the most exciting book so far

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    ETA I ve continued reading this series and want to point out I gave books four and five considerably higher ratings Four stars each ______________________________________________ You mean well, but you ve never been all that bright So the Luidaeg says of Toby, and wow, is she right She also claims that all heroes are idiots and that October is the most passively suicidal person she s ever met The sea witch s opinions echo my own Previous books established Toby as a lousy detective I d hoped An Artificial Night would run smoothly since it focuses on Toby as knight rather than P.I Unfortunately, that wasn t the case.The book does have its high points Once again, McGuire s use of mythology is stellar She obviously has a great affinity for legends and ballads and puts them to good use She creates interesting characters and a creepy, dreamlike atmosphere in which everything malevolent is possible She s also adept at comedic interludes The Luidaeg and May a new character provide amusing scenes, and the fluid practicality of the children is enough to prompt a smile Of particular note is a car chase that s both harrowing and hysterical, detailed enough to widen my eyes and cause a sharp intake of breath Lastly, Tybalt s cryptic statements combined with the irritatingly frequent mention of Toby s mother set up a larger plot arc that sparks my curiosity.Then we have the negatives Toby is still floundering around like a fi...

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    4 A buddy read with the coolest UF fans at BBB No review my buddy readers wrote such great reviews, I have nothing extra to say Toby, our half Fae half Human investigator has realy grown on me She is not very good at her job she is never prepared for the worst case scenarios, she somehow misses clues, and she tries to keep her distance from the people who love her, and they are usually her biggest help not only in solving cases, but also at keeping her healthy and alive I mean, she is lucky she has not become a road kill long time ago not the most observant and careful person on the streets of San Fransisco Often while I was reading I was reminded of how incompetent Stephani Plum is, but the two characters also share in being likable, having the greatest luck ever, being quick thinking on their feet, improvising with success, and once again having friends to always have their backs Those cases never get solved because of their expertise , that is for sure We got to see our fearless read partially suicidal Toby go against Blind Michael, the leader of the Wild Hunt, in order to reclaim the children of her best friend and some others, who have been stolen by the Hunt The author gets to explore some of the most fascinating...

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    I m one book away from pronouncing this series my full time obsession It s just that good This This is how you write a fairy world Gritty, cruel, dark, beautiful and with its own twisted sense of what constitutes as fair.The only thing missing is Toby and Tybalt finally acting on their attraction and that s something that I think will happen in the next book, or the book after that at most I m a patient person when I want to be and for this I am ready to wait As long as I get what I want There s nothing stubborn t...

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