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Blind EyeThe Number One Bestselling Detective Series Nothing Keeps A Crime Hidden Like Fear, And DS Logan McRae Hits A Dead End In This 5th Crime Thriller From The Award Winning Stuart MacBride You Can T Be An Eyewitness If I Cut Out Your Eyes Someone S Preying On Aberdeen S Growing Polish Population The Pattern Is Always The Same Men Abandoned On Building Sites, Barely Alive, Their Eyes Gouged Out And The Sockets Burned.With The Victims Too Scared To Talk, And The Only Witness A Paedophile Who S On The Run, Grampian Police Is Getting Nowhere Fast The Attacks Are Brutal, They Keep On Happening, And Soon DS Logan McRae Will Have To Decide How Far He S Prepared To Bend The Rules To Get A Result.The Granite City Is On The Brink Of Gang Warfare The Investigating Team Are Dogged By Allegations Of Corruption And Logan S About To Come To The Attention Of Aberdeen S Most Notorious Crime Lord

➣ Blind Eye Ebook ➩ Author Stuart MacBride – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 549 pages
  • Blind Eye
  • Stuart MacBride
  • English
  • 23 February 2018
  • 9780007342570

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    Book number five in this great series As usual the police play outside the rules, the murders are gross and the interactions between most of the characters are pretty antisocial On the other hand the humour is terrific and a few of the characters are just amazing DI Steel is one of the best female cops in print and I also have a soft ...

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    Wow this book packs a huge punch it s a big detective mystery, violent, sweary, drunken, chaotic messand I loved it This is always going to be a marmite book because it lives in the extremes of black humour if you don t like swearing, violence and gore this is never going to be palatable let alone funny.Not that I enjoy these thingsahembut I appreciate their fictional worth when trying to portray people living on the fringes of right and wrong in extreme circumstances.I was going to give it 4.5 stars because it s a bit too long and may...

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    Logan walked over to the window, rubbing a clear patch in the dusty glass Looked like another beautiful day to be a police officer, with outbreaks of infighting, sulking, and recriminations In Blind Eye, Book 5 of the Logan McRae series, Logan and Co are back with bacon butties, hangovers, and all around police investigation shenanigans But it s not all fun and games Logan has a bit of a tough time in this, and has to deal some serious demons It was a new side to Logan s character that was interesting to watch DI Steel is brilliant than usual MacBride adds another dimension to her here, including allowing us to see her life outside of HQ, making her even human and likable It was a pleasure to see these other facets of her character, all of which made me adore that much .In terms of the case they worked on, it was great and what I ve come to expect from this series My only i...

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    Set in Aberdeen, where I live, this book made interesting reading, particularly the Scottish police humour that permeates the narrative The star of the story is Detective Inspector Steel, a lesbian with wife Susan, who is desperate for a child from a sponsor.Page 398 really made me laugh with the following paragraph Steel dropped her vodka and poured for everyone ...

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    DI Steele deserves her own fan club It would have to be a club where swearing, drinking, smoking and fiddling with your bra strap were perfectly acceptable behaviours of course You ve also got a ready made slogan as fans of the wonderful Logan McRae series from Scottish author Stuart MacBride will be aware.BLIND EYE is the 5th book in this funny, gruesome, funny, ferocious, unflinching, funny series featuring DS Logan McRae and a passing parade of DIs and DCIs DI Steele makes a very high profile return in BLIND EYE, in fact she s in danger of completely stealing the show, although McRae also has to deal with the considerably prickly DCI Finnie as well.In true MacBride style, not only are the characterisations vivid, unflinching and frequently decidedly unflattering, the subject matter of this book is confrontational Somebody is preying on Aberdeen s Polish community not killing, but dreadfully maiming a series of men Gouging out their eyes and burning the sockets, the crime seems inexplicably cruel and utterly and totally ruthless The victim s are understandably too scared to talk, and the only witness a paedophile on the run doesn t exactly inspire anybody s hope in being able to sort this.As the investigation grinds on, and the maiming take a particularly startling turn, McRae finds himself having to deal with Finnie s increas...

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    Blind Eye, the fifth Logan McRae novel, simply highlights why Stuart MacBride is one of my favourite authors.Whilst Blind Eye is not my favourite of the Logan McRae novels that title is currently held by Broken Skin it is certainly a great read Having recently read MacBride s Ash Henderson novels and finding them less enjoyable than his McRae novels they re still fun, but they re not the same , it was great to go back to what I know and truly love.After many novels depicting the terrible Aberdonian winters, we re finally being given one set in summer I argued in the prior books that Aberdeen winters are not as dreary as MacBride makes them seem Well, having now read his summer book whilst dealing with winter, I realised he captured Aberdeen perfectly It is cold as hell It is wet and windy all the time However, it really isn t the terrible place MacBride would have you believing If nothing else, it s a much better city than where I grew up The whole crime aspect he could have shoved it into any city, he simply picked the windy one he knew so well That s a tangent, though just know we finally have that summer book he kept promising Straight away we re thrown into this wonderful story, with the first chapter throwing us straight into the action Despite how we re thrown in within a couple of pages, I...

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    This wasnt as strong at the previous novels in the series I love the characters so they seen to keep me wanting The main crime didn t seem as strong in this one or as thrilling The side stories seemed to keep my interest .

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    good crime novel great plot in dark Aberdeen.

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    3.5 starsI m taking a break from Logan McRae, not because this is a bad book, but because it started slipping into abuse of the main character There is only so many times you can screw up your protagonist and make me really care the constant abuse of his superiors and crazy girlfriends, the beating, explo...

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