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Quatrevingt-TreizeThis Is A Pre 1923 Historical Reproduction That Was Curated For Quality Quality Assurance Was Conducted On Each Of These Books In An Attempt To Remove Books With Imperfections Introduced By The Digitization Process Though We Have Made Best Efforts The Books May Have Occasional Errors That Do Not Impede The Reading Experience We Believe This Work Is Culturally Important And Have Elected To Bring The Book Back Into Print As Part Of Our Continuing Commitment To The Preservation Of Printed Works Worldwide.

[Reading] ➶ Quatrevingt-Treize By Victor Hugo – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Quatrevingt-Treize
  • Victor Hugo
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9781103694952

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    Here s my Hugo s favorite novel It s the one that made me the most beautiful impression, despite the fierce competition that made him Les Mis rables.I am aware of the uniqueness of my preference and I would attempt to make you understand.All this is due to my perception of Hugo For me it is the masterful man of French letters I think he knew, better than anyone, writing by taking a perspective both high and full of generous and touching understanding This feature takes the genius, the miraculous I do not think we can explain it He was able to have a mind naturally large, just as others have a large size of a large fortune, etc., that s all.This greatness is manifested in the most perfect way in his poems, but I sense the same in his pamphlets, books whose style and subjects are, by definition, can no longer be down to earth And among his novels, the one wh...

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    The French Revolution was not simply capturing the Bastille and living happily ever after As with all revolutions, there were unexpected results One of these became known as the Reign Of Terror, lasting from September 1793 to July 1794 Victor Hugo dea...

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    An incredibly realistic Painting of the French Revolution.Some might say it s not realistic, it s pure fantasy, it s much too lyric an passionate, and much too orientated in favor of the revolutionnaries indeed, it s only a novel, BUT it s realistic because it shows every aspects of this revolution, and that s precisely because it s lyric that you can understand it A revolution cannot be described by facts, but by presenting the storm, the hates, the men, in one word by showing that amazing race between opponents, between men from the old world the nobles and men from the new world revolutionaries intellectuals and armymen , this race where you ll lose your head at any mistake, because you don t have the right to fail, because if you re weak the King i.e injustice, torture, fanatism will be back soon If you re not French and believe that the Revolution was all about Robespierre s terror if you believe that it wa...

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    Free download available at Project Gutenberg.Translator Aline DelanoRelease Date July 6, 2015 EBook 49372 Language EnglishProduced by Laura N.R and Marc D Hooghe at Images generously madeavailable by the Hathi Trust and by Gallica Biblioth que nationale de France for the illustrations This book has several translations but we found only this one, made by Aline Delano, to be closer to the original French text She also translated from the Russian the following books The Blind Musician by Vladimir Korolenko The Kingdom of God is Within You, What is Art, by Leo Tolstoy.The original file was provided by Hathi Trust Digital Library.Critical Note by Robert L Stevenson from The Works of Victor Hugo, Vol VII, Jefferson Press, 190 In Notre Dame, Les Miserables, The Toilers of the Sea and The Man Who Laughs, one after another, there has been some departure from the traditional canons of romance but taking each separately, one would have feared to make too much of these departures, or to found any theory upon what was per haps purely accidental The appearance of Ninety Three ha...

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    La TerreurUn romanzo di grande spessore, in ogni senso, questo che Victor Hugo pubblic nel 1874, ultimo tra i suoi capolavori Uno spettacolare affresco di un periodo molto particolare nell ambito di quell avvenimento epocale che fu la Rivoluzione Francese il 1793, l anno del Terrore.La vicenda si svolge principalmente nella Vandea, terra aspra e forte che nel pensier rinnova la paura e che, dopo la caduta della monarchia e la decapitazione del re Luigi XVI, insorge contro il nuovo regime repubblicano, dando cos avvio a una feroce guerra civile combattuta fra le truppe regolari francesi e le bande di contadini vandeani pericolosamente nascoste tra i fitti boschi della regione A capo di queste ultime, il marchese di Lantenac, vecchio aristocratico fedele ai valori dell Ancien R gime che, con le forze raccolte attorno a s , diventa ben presto una spina nel fianco che il governo repubblicano intende sradicare una volta per tutte.Sullo sfondo della grande Storia, che catapulta il lettore addirittura al cospetto della triade rivoluzionaria Robespierre Danton Marat e persino nel bel mezzo di una seduta dell assemblea della Convenzione, si muovono dunque diversi personaggi con le proprie piccole storie, dal nobile Lantenac alla miserabile vedova Michelle Fl chard, mater dolorosa che vaga alla ricerca ostinata dei suoi tre bambini dopo che le vengono portati via durante gli scontri Une veuve...

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    Voici mon roman favori de Hugo C est celui qui m a fait la plus belle impression, malgr la tr s vive concurrence que lui font Les Mis rables et de Notre Dame de Paris Je suis conscient de la singularit de ma pr f rence et j aimerais tenter de vous la faire comprendre.Tout cela tient ma perception de Hugo Pour moi, c est l homme magistral des lettres fran aises mon avis, il a su, mieux que personne, crire en prenant une perspective la fois lev e et pleine d une compr hension g n reuse et touchante Cette particularit tient du g nie, du miraculeux Je ne crois pas qu on puisse l expliquer Il a pu disposer d un esprit tout naturellement grand, exactement comme d autres disposent d une grande taille, d une grande fortune, etc., c est tout.Cette grandeur se manifeste de la mani re la plus parfaite dans ses po mes, mais je la sens m me dans ses pamphlets, ouvrages dont le style et les sujets sont, par d finition, on ne peut plus terre terre Et parmi ses romans, celui o cette particularit , qui fait pour moi le charme unique des ouvrages de Hugo, appara t de la mani re la plus clatante, c est Quatrevingt treize Hugo s est tr s bien document sur la p riode de la terreur pour crire ce livre, dont l horizon est la lutte entre r v...

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    I have read that the English translation is not nearly as good as the original French but the only French I know is French fry , so I had to settle Not that that is a bad thing because in my opinion this was still a great classic from Hugo This was the final work of the author of such masterpieces as Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, telling of the French revolution of 1793 Admittedly, I had never heard of the book and only know about it because I c...

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    This completes for me the trio of novels that tell of the conflict between the Royalist resistance in Brittany and the Republican Revolutionaries after the beheading of Louis XVI I think I serendipitously read them in the right order, which happens to be in publication order The Chouans, by Balzac, La Vendee by Trollope, and this by Hugo They each have a somewhat different perspective.The middle part of this was a slog, but it was sandwiched between two parts that were compelling The sloggy part felt like nonfiction and included lots of names with which I was unfamiliar, but were probably part of any history learned in school in France I suspect many both US and others might just as easily be unfamiliar with the minor players of the US Revolution But the major players made up a part of this section, too, and one in particular, Cimourdain, was instrumental to the exciting third part 93 is a year of intense action The tempest is there in all its wrath and grandeur Cimourdain felt himself in his element This scene of distraction, wild and magnificent, suited the compass of his outspread wings Like a sea eagle, he united a profound inward calm with a relish for e...

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    Nuevamente V ctor Hugo desborda mi vena rom ntica con su talento inigualable No cabe duda que este glorioso autor franc s siempre estar muy cerca de mi sensibilidad Cada vez que uno entra a sus p ginas de inmediato nos conecta a su mundo poblado de personajes llenos de valores humanos como el honor, la valent a, la verdad, la justicia y la dignidad, valores que se destacan nuevamente en las p ginas de este libro El tel n de fondo de esta novela es la Revoluci n Francesa de 1789, aunque el relato se centra en el a o 1793, a o en que fue decapitado Luis XVI y a o en que se sucedieron algunos de los hechos m s violentos y sangrientos de la historia de Francia, pero dentro de este terror, tambi n acontecieron hechos heroicos alentados por admirables y genuinos ideales por lograr una mejor naci n y un mejor mundo Creo que pocos acontecimientos de tipo b lico han sido inspirados por sue os tan rom nticos y por nobles ideales humanos para superar la propia condici n humana como sucedi en la Revoluci n Francesa.Dentro de este tel n de fondo destacan dos temas de singular carga hist rica y emotiva Dos relatos que hace V ctor Hugo de manera notable la descripci n y la importancia que le concede al rol que asumi la Convenci n Nacional misma que tom las riendas de Francia para dise ar la primera Re...

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