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Anarchy and Art One of the powers of art is its ability to convey the human aspects of political events In this fascinating survey on art, artists, and anarchism, Allan Antliff interrogates critical moments when anarchist artists have confronted pivotal events over the past 140 years The survey begins with Gustave Courbet s activism during the 1871 Paris Commune which established the French republic and ends with anarchist art during the fall of the Soviet empire Other subjects include the French neoimpressionists, the Dada movement in New York, anarchist art during the Russian Revolution, political art of the 1960s, and gay art and politics post World War II Throughout, Antliff vividly explores art s potential as a vehicle for social change and how it can also shape the course of political events, both historic and present day it is a book for the politically engaged and art aficionados alike.Allan Antliff is the author of Anarchist Modernism. Download Anarchy and Art –

Download Anarchy and Art  –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Anarchy and Art
  • Allan Antliff
  • English
  • 21 March 2018
  • 1551522187

10 thoughts on “Anarchy and Art

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    This is an amazing book about the interconnections of art and social disruption communal anarchy Not exactly a time line of the history of anarchy and art the chapters obviously follow high points in the relationship between art and politics and most recognised events like the Provos sit ins in Amsterdam and New York c...

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    okay, SERIOUSLY amazing book starts in mid 1800s, covers impressionists, shows just how many artists were tied to anarchist movements like Seurat and Pissarro , and has some seriously rad anti communist critique ROCK, really cool, mindblowing artist...

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    Mostly skimmed it to check out the art, which there really wasn t much of.

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