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Death of an Artist (Riley Rochester Investigates Book 5) Inspector Riley Rochester returns from his honeymoon to find that all is far from well as Scotland Yard His immediate superior, Chief Inspector Danforth, is making life almost impossible for Riley s team, Sergeant Jack Salter in particular Riley and Salter are thrown into another case the murder of Melanie Mottram, a governess and aspiring artist The detectives discover that far from being an innocent victim, Miss Mottram was a calculating and manipulative young woman, not above using her natural attractions to get ahead The leading suspect, one of the young woman s art tutors, turns out to be Jack Salter s nephew Danforth seizes the opportunity, calling for the immediate arrest of the artist and the end of Salter s involvement in the case With Jack s family loyalties threatening to destroy his career as well as Riley s, the stakes have never been higher With a long list of suspects, all of whom seem desperate to cast the blame elsewhere, what chance does Riley have of discovering the truth New Download eBook Death of an Artist (Riley Rochester Investigates Book 5) author Wendy Soliman – thegreatwallonline.us

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    On the first day back at work after his honeymoon Inspector Riley Rochester is called to Dulwich where a female has been found dead Miss Melanie Mottram was a governess and an aspiring artist employed at the home of Lord Vermont Soon they appear to havethan enough suspects including Sergeant Salter s artist nephew.Another enjoyable Victorian mystery in this well written se...

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    BrilliantReally like this series well written and I have job to put the books down looking forward to the next one and the history of Scotland yard is interesting as well

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