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Miss Gemini’s Homecoming (The Zodiac Stories Book 1) TV Reporter Hermetica Gemini Drives North On Lunar Highway In Hope Of Breaking The Story Of The Century King Jupiter S Illegitimate Son Her Mission Has Karmic Repercussions, However, And As She Is Cut Off From Her Glamorous Life In South Node City, And Meets The Reclusive Athos Sagittarius, She Is Forced To Face Her Issues Regarding Love, Spirituality And Self Worth This Is The First Published Story In The Zodiac Stories Series The Twelve Zodiac Stories Are An Entertaining And Enjoyable Way Of Getting To Know The Signs Of The Zodiac And The Planets Of Astrology.

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    I just love this kind of witty and generous text, lighthearted yet full of meaning for those who get it Not sure I did get it all, though, but that didn t bother me, since I kept smiling all along the ride Not my fault, the text kept winking at me, you ll see what I mean when you get to that planet s Emergency Services Or much sooner.Anyway, the power of the text does not even consist of that playful tone It is...

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