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Dekkers Dozen A Waxing Arbolean Moon The Demon Dione Existed Before The Dawn Of Time Surely She Was Created Alongside The Very Divine Machine She Came To Loathe So Much From Dione S Seduction By Asmodeus And Imprisonment At The Hands Of King Solomon To Her Release By An Unwitting Archaeologist, The Timeline Is Punctuated With The Baal S Influence And Its Counters By The Time Traveling Ezekiel Who Repels The Arbolean Invasion During The Infancy Of The Akkadian Empire With The Weapons Of An Ancient Greek Tinkerer Spanning The Dawn Of Creation And The Planting Of The Circle Of Seven To The Day Dekker Knight Meets Vesuvius Briggs, A Waxing Arbolean Moon Fills In All Gaps In The Fractured Timeline Of Dekker S Dozen The Last Watchmen And Functions As Either Prologue Or Epilogue Depending On How You Choose To Look At It Before The Chaos Of Steampunk Time Travel, Cyborg Ninjas, Plant Spore Controlled Unicorn Zombies, Ghost Warships, And Hassidic Superweapons Of The Last Watchmen, A Waxing Arbolean Moon Pulls Back The Curtain On The Galactic And Celestial Backstories A Waxing Arbolean Moon Is Best Read In Conjunction With The Last Watchmen As A Companion Piece And May Be Difficult To Follow Without Familiarity With The Full Novel

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    I read this as the prologue to the The Last Watchmen A Waxing Arbolean Moon is a very short read, but it spans a long timeframe starting from prehistory and Dione 2354 BCE and Sargon 2416 and Austicon to PISW and the Krenzin Similar to The Last Watchmen, the writing to this book was professional and smooth I enjoyed the connection with biblical literature, theology, and with ancient Mesopotamian history Sargon, Akkad, Solo...

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    This is a good companion piece to The Last Watchmen It is not a complete story in itself, as the author warned, but a good reference to go side by side with the novel It picks up short periods of history, up to the moment the novel starts.

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    As a newcomer to the Dekker s Dozen universe, I was very intrigued by this It has definitely made me want to read of Schmitz s work to learn about these characters and their destinies Overall, the book is very well written and an easy and enjoyable read in my opinion I enjoyed the connection to religious lore without it being overwhelming religious which is something I don t enjoy in general My favorite part of reading in general is learning about and connecting with interesting characters their back stories, etc This was a very short read which just scratches the surface of many interesting characters So it serves its purpose as a hook to give the reader just enough to make the...

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