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Dark Mountain Our Ninth Issue Takes The Form Of A Classic Dark Mountain Anthology, With New Work From Writers And Artists Around The World Stories And Essays, Poems, Images And Conversations Responding To The Accelerating Effects Of Climate Change, Mass Extinction And Societal Dysfunction Humanity Is Going To Be Humbled One Way Or Another, Write The Editors, So We May As Well Begin The Process Ourselves.

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    After finishing a book like this, picking up any other book feels empty and insignificant These stories trembled alive something that has resided deep within me, perhaps from my childhood A flow of energy from the last remains of simplicity, when the sunshine was still yellow and the forests whispered ancient stories When home was a sanctuary of nature, buzzing bees and wild...

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    Picked up for We Are the Only Species We Have the Option of Being Douglas Hine in conversation with Anne Tagonist without having much of a sense of what else this series was about or would include Was blown away by the wisdom contained inside So much food for thought I ll be chewing for a while.

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    It figures that my last issue of Dark Mountain I unsubscribed to save funds would be their best to date The short stories here are particularly gem like and wonderful, and the academic articles were free of the grad school obtuseness...

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