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The Case of the Abominable SnowmanNigel Strangeways Is Summoned To Easterham Manor In The Depths Of Winter To Investigate A Series Of Strange Events, Which Culminate In The Apparent Suicide Of A Wealthy Young Woman Whose Behaviour Has Scandalised The Village.As Nigel Begins His Investigations Into The Dead Girl S Past, It Soon Becomes Clear That Someone In The Manor Is Trying To Hide Something, And They Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Their Secrets Safe.

➭ The Case of the Abominable Snowman Read ➵ Author Nicholas Blake – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Audio CD
  • The Case of the Abominable Snowman
  • Nicholas Blake
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9781531838850

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    First published in 1941, this is the seventh in the Nigel Strangeways mysteries written by Nicholas Blake a pen name for poet laureate Cecil Day Lewis The snow is heavy and the second world war is in its early, unsettled stages Nigel and Georgia Strangeways are invited to stay with Georgia s cousin, Clarissa Cavendish, who is concerned about events at her nearby neighbours house During Christmas Eve, the members of a house party at Easterham Manor were disturbed when, having decided to visit the, supposedly haunted, Bishop s room, the family cat began to act like a dervish , throwing itself repeatedly at the walls Posing as a member of the Society of Psychical Research, Nigel decides to investigate.Soon after arriving at the Manor, it is apparent that the members of the house party are jumpy and tense The house contains Hereward Restorick, his American wife Charlotte, their children John and Priscilla, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Elizabeth Betty , Dr Bogan a specialist in nervous diseases in women, who is treatin...

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    PR I like Mr Strangeways He s my best policeman.JR He isn t a policeman, you spotted pard He s a private impersonator.PR What s that JR It s well, it s a private impersonator., like Sherlock Holmes He puts on a false beard and tracks the criminal to his lair when the police are baffled Priscilla and John Restorick The Corpse in the Snowman 1941 by Nicholas Blake pp 3 4 Unfortunately, the title gives away a huge plot point but that s not too terribly awful because we learn about the dead body in the snowman in the very first chapterwe just don t know who it is Priscilla and John Restorick are gazing out their nursery window at the glorious snowman that they and their beloved uncle had built several weeks ago when the great snow which was now melting had covered the countryside In fact, Queen Victoria as the snowman had been fashioned was looking a bit worse for wear herself When Priscilla returns later after a piano lesson , the children return to the window and stare in fascinated horror as Queen Victoria...

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    Ok, so this book was too slow for me Way too slow The mystery was intriguing, and I enjoyed trying to work out the killer, and what actually happened But the books writing style was too old fashioned for me.

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    Before PBS and Downton Abbey, we had the British mysteries of the Golden Age These mysteries gave a peek into the lives of the rich upper class world of England Blake s Strangeway mysteries are a prime example of that Strangeways acts as both an insider and outsider allowed into the aristocratic world, but still somewhat of an outsider I partic...

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    An example of the author having a good idea, but the novel itself not really living up to it Incredibly, the original title acts as a spoiler, so if you read that version you are just left with a sadly dated detective story With apologies to C.Day Lewis, the poet, who wrote t...

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    Reefer Madness in the snowy English countryside.I like reading old mysteries because they give such wonderful insights into daily life and commonly accepted ideas of the period Sometimes those ideas are appalling and sometimes they re amusing The plot of this book revolves around the death of a young woman from a landed gentry family in rural England Her life has been tumultuous, beginning with an addiction to drugs that started when she was in school That happened in the United States, of course The author would have had a hard time convincing his readers that an Englishman would corrupt a young girl in such a horrifying manner Probably he didn t believe it himself.In some ways, it s a very traditional English manor house mystery It s 1940 and England is at war, but it s the phony war before the air raids started Elizabeth Restorick s very conventional older brother, his regal American wife, and their young children are still ensconced in the ancestral home Their guests are Elizabeth and Andrew the brother who s like her twin and a mysterious doctor who s treating her for her nervous disorder There s also the truculent, lower class writer wh...

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    This was way darker than Malice in Wonderland, for sure But I enjoyed it The pervasive war on the horizon atmosphere was almost a character in itself.

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    I d not read Nicholas Blake pen name of Cecil Day Lewis before, but am so glad I gave this one a shot A lovely example of the Golden Age of classic crime, this one is full of twists and turns that will keep even the most modern of readers guessing The characters are vibrantly and liberally drawn, and the plot is refreshingly fleshed out, but expertly paced to keep the pages turning A country manor house in winter, a family full of secrets, an enigmatic and slightly sinister doctor everyone has something to hide, but is it murder This is the...

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    Another good not great Nicholas Blake excellent atmosphere of snow and uncertainty, but laughably dated regarding drug use and What Women Want Were you aware that marihuana causes erotic hallucinations And that...

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