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Hawthorn Witches (Hawthorn Witches Omnibus Book 1) This Omnibus Edition Of The Hawthorn Witches Series Includes The First 3 Novellas In The Series Demons Dracaena, Hawthorn Witches Novella 1 Sorcerers Sumac, Hawthorn Witches Novella 2 Werewolves Wisteria, Hawthorn Witches Novella 3 Annie Hawthorn S Life Is A Living Hell She S About To Graduate From High School In Beautiful Bellmoral, Colorado, But She S Caught The Eye Of The Campus Mean Girl In Order To Get Back At Her, Annie Unleashes A Little Hell Of Her Own When She Discovers Her Late Aunt S Grimoire Now That There S A Demon On The Loose, Things Aren T So Funny Annie S Best Friend Has Been Turned Into A Cat She S Doing Her Homework In Hell Her After School Job At The Greenhouse Is Punctuated By Frequent Demonic Interruptions But It S Worse Than That, Because Charlie, The Demon, Claims That Her Aunt Isn T Dead, And She Owes Him A Debt And Until Annie Can Find Her, He S Holding Her Life Ransom.

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    First time for demons, warlocks, etc.Thought this was mostly about witches, so I got an education about various types of paranormal beings Well written, strong characters, very complex Not my usual reading material,...

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    I am not a fan of books that don t have clean endings but I did enjoy theses.The story line is very interesting with many twists and turns It would be a lot better if it had a little comic relief with so many bad things happening I read them in just a...

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    This is the story that Will Not End Each novella runs together, the problems just keep compounding, and resolution never seems to be close to occurring It is frustrating to read so long and have very little satisfaction from it Blah.

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    What ever can go wrong certainly does in this book From the description given about this book, it promises to entice you into a totally different world, and it hooks you from the start Be prepared to learn all about witches and what happens when you play with magic.

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    Loved this book I would recommend this series to anyone I don t usually enjoy books about witches and vampires, but this series drew me in and didn t let me go The story flowed and the characters were very real and likeable An easy and enjoyable journey

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    I love this I can t wait for .I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .And letting everyone know about it.So i gave it a 5 Stars.

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    Good readA fascinating good story teller Fast paced, with enough twists and turns to keep one engrossed and anxiously awaiting the next activity

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    Good booksI recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about magical and supernatural beings It kept me interested all the way through the series.

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    Omg, what a storyI loved this story,the author keeps you engaged til the very end of each scenario,and wanting of the story as each book ends.

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