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Shadows of a Superhero The Light Is His City S Patron Superhero As His Sidekick, Red Zach Redinger, Is Suddenly Thrust Into A World Without His Champion After The Mighty TL Falls To A Mysterious Super Powered Madman Known Only As Black Now Red, A Speedster Named Janet, And Franklin The Light S Wheelchair Bound Former Side Kick, Must Find Black And Prevent His Horrible Plans From Coming To Fruition If They Can T Pinpoint This Maniac Before His Doomsday Weapon Is Activated Tomorrow Might Not Come For Anyone The Sidekicks Plan Is Full Of Problems Red Doesn T Have Any Real Powers, Janet Can T Admit Her Secret Love For Zach, And The Deeper Franklin Digs, The He S Convinced That Black Isn T Real But That Their Enemy Is Somehow Closer Than Any Could Ever Expect.

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    This book shines best when it comes to action It s everywhere, it s intense and it s glorious All the energy surges and fighting styles were very anime ish at least that s how I envisioned it and I really think someone should turn Shadows of a Superhero into a movie or two S...

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    4.5 stars review request submitted by the author for an honest critique When we think of superheroes, we don t always stop and wonder how they must feel when a member of their own team gets hurt The internal battle raging instead them because they feel as if they should ve done , fought harder, been quicker, etc.When you re a sidekick, you never really imagine your boss will get seriously injured You think of them as super humans but, in actuality, most are merely humans Ok, some aren t We all know some superheroes have wicked cool powers but everyone can get hurt somehow No matter if you are super quick, strong, or can shine a light so bright everyone around you will need super shades to withstand having their retinas fried, all super brings have one thing in common. a super foe In this case, we meet Black and his sidekick keeping name a secret Like i...

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    Shadows of a Superhero felt like it was a story set within some book series, but I guess it s just generic superhero y enough to make it seem that way It was surprisingly well edited for a self published book, with only a small handful of errors, and most of them minor The biggest one was a sentence with a missing word.The plot was about a collection of sidekicks Their hero was hurt badly and knocked out of commission, so they had to take over and try to fight the big bad guy themselves A fun idea The biggest downside for me was probably intentional though it was just so generically superheroish, I felt like I had seen these characters dozens of times before The sidekicks were one big, strong, perfect fighter, highly skilled guy, one fellow in a wheelchair the techie, of course , and a super speed woman.I m afraid I lost interest in the story near the end and skimmed the last few pages The characters never hooked me see also The whole generic ...

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