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Why Your Pastor Left Moments After Our Pastor Exited The Building That Afternoon In 2008, Most Of The Congregation Sat In Shock A Tiny But Powerful Minority Wore Victorious Smiles, At The Ministers Ousting The Lady To My Left Wept Her Pleading Question Kept Me Awake All Night Why Did Our Pastor Have To Leave Polls Reveal Startling Statistics Regarding Pastoral Ministry 91% Of Ministers Know Three To Four Others Who Ve Been Forced Out Of Pastoral Positions One Third Of All Pastors Serve Congregations Who Either Fired The Previous Minister Or Actively Forced Their Resignation At Any Given Time, 75% Of Pastors In America Want To Quit More Than 2000 Pastors Leave Their Ministry Each Month American Church Decline Has Reached Epidemic Proportions In The Last Century It Has Waned Nearly 60% Pastoral Attrition Is Either An Indicator Of That Problem, Or Is Central To It Why Your Pastor Left Is Full Of Detailed Statistics And Identifies The Top Ten Ministry Killers That Cause Pastoral Stress And Eventual Burnout.

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    Note I received a copy of this book free from the author I remember in my Greek church there used to be constant turnover of priests The church would split into factions, those in support and those against It happened quite a bit So I was interested in this topic I had problems from the beginning when the author speaks of ...

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    OMG Why Your Pastor Left, the title of this book, sums it up Basically this is your fault, your problem, your cross to bear You have not given the poor pastor anything he needs to do his the author refers almost exclusively to male ministers job in a way that will give him the money, the respect, the honor, the recognition, etc ad infinitum, that he deserves or that he thinks he deserves I did note a few valid points by Mr Schmitz, but my feeling was that they were few and far between There was way too much self aggrandizement in this book for me and I had the feeling that if he had been my pastor I would not have to read why he left I would know we weren t good enough for him I realize that I may sound unduly harsh, but I have been married to a successful minister for than forty years That means that I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly But we handled everything together in what I hope was a graceful, Christian manner usually he did better t...

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    This is a difficult review to write because I ve got to break it down into two parts the part where I evaluate the book on its merits as a writing and the unfair part where I get to dispute opinions, point out logical stretches and demolish untruths.As to the book s merits on its own, regardless of your opinion as to its point of view, arguments or conclusions My main observations are these 1 The title isn t an accurate representation of the book one would expect that a book about why a pastor left would include numerous detailed and fact filled tales of dissension or subterfuge There are some pages of statistics mostly 15 yrs old and a few high level hand wavey stories about why pastors have left But you won t find one beginning to end story, with all sides presented, of why a pastor left a church 2 Unfortunately the book comes across as an assortment of screeds, haphazardly agglomerated, as opposed to a story or argument with an opening, a middle supporting facts arguments anecdotes and a conclusion As such, it s extremely hard to tell where you re headed as a reader and for a good part of the book you may be wondering when the secret is going to come out 3 My notes reveal a consistent theme of poor editing to the point of distraction Not only in grammatical errors, punctuation, made up words, sentence structure but in style itself clear flow of thought, organization, and a...

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    I listened to the Audible audio book This was a helpful resource that discusses how pastors struggle in ministry and offers encouragement and solutions so the pastor doesn t give up or leave or get sent packing.

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    Great informativeA must read for new minister s and all who are considering going into the ministry Encouraging and informative to new ministers

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    An Unabashed Glimpse into the Fishbowl of MinistryAs a professionally trained minister without a church, I found Mr Schmitz s words to be poignant and direct, speaking to a wide range of church experiences Why Your Pastor Left isn t as much a descriptive narrative as it is a prophetic foretelling Put simply, churches NEED the principles in this book in order to help the pastor grow, which in ...

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    An engaging read on pastoral terminations, written with passion, truth, wounds, and all Read my full review

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    Should be required reading for all church members It s a shame most people won t pick up a book like this until there s a crisis It should be read to prevent one.

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    Why Your Pastor Left is full of detailed statistics and identifies the top ten Ministry Killers that cause pastoral stress and eventual burnout.

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