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The Pornography Industry We May Know Pornography When We See It, But The Business Of Pornography Is A Surprisingly Elusive Subject Reliable Figures About The Industry Are Difficult To Come By And Widely Disputed, But One Matter That Is Hardly Debatable Is That Pornography Is A Major And Ubiquitous Enterprise Porn Allegedly Accounts For One Third Of All Internet Traffic Currently, Though The Data About Actual Consumption Is Unclear Reports In Recent Years Have Suggested That 70 Million Individuals Visit Porn Sites Every Week That Among Viewers Aged 18 24, Women Watch Porn Than Men And That Among Middle Aged, White Collar Workers, Three Quarters Of Men And Half Of Women Have Admitted To Looking At Pornography Websites While At Work.While Debates And Emotions Around Porn Can Run High, There Is A Crucial Need For Reliable Information And Rational Conversation In This Book, Shira Tarrant Parses The Wide Range Of Statistics That We Have On The Pornography Industry, Sorting Myth From Reality In An Objective, Fascinating And Knowledgeable Fashion She Looks At Ongoing Political Controversies Around The Industry, The Feminist Porn Wars, The Views Of The Religious Right, The History Of Pornography, Landmark Legal Cases, And The Latest In Medical Research The Pornography Industry Also Explains The Industry Basics Who Works In Porn, Why People Become Performers, How Much They Earn, And What Happens On A Porn Set It Further Delves Into Important Questions Such As How Many Teenagers Watch Porn And Should We Worry About It What Is Porn Piracy And Can It Be Stopped What Can The Industry Do About Sexist And Racist Pornography Does Porn Cause Violence Against Women Can People Become Addicted To Porn Is Watching Porn The Same As Infidelity By Presenting Competing Perspectives In An Even Handed Way, The Pornography Industry Will Enable Readers To Explore These Provocative Issues And Make Their Own Best Decisions About The Debates.

[BOOKS] ✴ The Pornography Industry  ✻ Shira Tarrant – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • The Pornography Industry
  • Shira Tarrant
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9780190205126

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    The focus on this seems to be on the film industry, though it does present a good overview of the issues of debate and areas of interest Tarrant has obviously read the material, and she notes ares where the ...

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    Pornography probably does not need an explanation to anybody, even if they have never ever watched a video or viewed a magazine that would be euphemistically described as adult material Yet it is big business, very big business, and that is just what is visible and in plain sight Putting morals and taste aside, it is clear you have to differentiate between pornographic material being produced by consenting adults and that which is clearly not, such as that featuring animals or children There is still a certain difficulty to get an accurate picture about the size of the market for pornography Maybe the Internet has made it harder to get, rather than easier, since in the good old days a lot of pornographic material was sold either by mail order or through specialist retail outlets They would not feature on retail ranking lists, yet at least a certain estimate could be made Today, most pornography is apparently consumed online and traffic to porn sites is said to account for up to one third of global Internet usage This book takes a fascinating, sincere and open look at the global pornography industry and the author attempts to separate myth from reality without taking a position either way The book is neither a celebration or ...

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    I was given a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 4I ve been looking for something different to read and noticed this as recently added on Netgalley I thought Well, that s different and requested it I found this to be quite insightful There were many topics I had never thought about and or considered before It s very much an unbiased view on everything you could possibly think of that s pornography related Morality, promoting negative views on sex, if it s dangerous, if teens are learning bad habits from porn, etc We re given both sides of the argument in those cases It also includes behind the scene information how it comes together, how much performers are paid, heath issues, stigma related to the profession, etc I especially liked the history told through the beginning In most circumstances that s always boring, but it was actually interesting to read how porn has evolved over time.I had an opinion on every topic that was presented, but there were a few things that stuck out Due to the pressure put on the male to ejaculate on cue, ...

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    3,5 starsi picked up this book because the topic seemed interesting i don t think anyone i know has actually thought about things that are directly related to porn but are not, in fact, porn, and by that i mean everything behind what you see when you open pornhub.on this book there are so many topics i never considered before history of porn, legal and medical issues, etc and i learned a lot of things that i d probably never say in front of my parents but are, nonetheless, really interesting did you know you can t film condom less porn if you re working in LA i also got indirectly tons, and by that i mean TONS of book recommendations because the research behind this book is so large i wrote down a lot of arcticles, books and films that i have yet to check thank you, shira tarrant for giving my to read list a lot of work i was really glad that they mentioned feminist porn ...

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    Interesting topic ruined by a boring execution It is a book about porn and I feel like I m reading a qa with highly specialized expert that answers questions without any regard to the recipients, and just tell whatever comes to their mind without editing This book is created as a collection of questions one would have about the porn industry and answers And the answers are often unsatisfying They jumping from one era to another and are leaving everything in between as it never happened Or are explaining some parts of the matter in a great detail and are leaving other thing with just a sentence of explanation Answers to some questions are filled with too much statistics and references to too many publications, which blurs the message of the answer Some editing out would be useful to clear up the answers I admire however authors attempt to show all the different views on all the issues discussed in the book Given the style of ...

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    Well written non fiction Tarrant delivered information from numerous viewpoints concerning this controversial subject in a mostly objective way I came away knowing concerning piracy and legal issues surrounding the pornography industry The brief introduction about the history of porn at the beginning of the book is interesting to read and gives perspective before diving into the meat of the book What we have today is a culmination of centuries of human sexual development understanding this is essential Tarrant also emphasizes the lack of knowledge that we have about the industry That s the big thing We don t really know, empirically, how much porn is out there, who is watching it, what effect it has on teens and pre teens There are a lot of unknowns But there a some knowns that matter and that need to be addressed, such as health issues that workers in the i...

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    The title seems alarmist, but it is part of the series what everyone needs to know, which included the drone book from last week Tarrant offers a dispassionate explanation of pornography as an industry, including romance novels and niche magazines, and the legal regulations and financing the drive them As simultaneously one of the greyest and most scrutinized business models, pornography is a fascinating social science and public health field, and Tarrant offers the most recent studies on the effect of STD testing and condom mandates, the effect on the expectations of teenagers who get their sex ed from free internet porn, and the interconnected economic ecosystem of porn, internet, and the big data collected from sites and re sold for than the porn ever makes on its own which makes what Facebook does with your data look like pre scho...

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    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review As someone who is interested in psychology, sociology, and sexology I found this book truly fascinating I loved how detailed this book was and that Shira Tarrant cited her sources When reading a psychology book I always want the sources because that just gives me and things to research and look into I felt that Shira Tarrant did a good job at remaining unbiased in this book You can tell that she has certain opinions but it didn t fe...

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    This is a challenging topic and this book will enable readers to explore these provocative issues and make their own opinion about the past, present and future of this major enterprise.While I m not interest...

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