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Cuckolding the Werebear (The Werewolfs Harem, #3) The werewolf takes the werebear s sexy mate Connor, a newly awakened werewolf, enjoys the heaving bounty of his MILF landlady s delights Mrs Daniels is sexy, hot, and eager to cuckold her werebear husband with the young, strong Connor Mrs Daniels is in heat, and she s eager to be taken hard by a real stud While Connor has his fun, Savannah stews is in trouble The sexy, young werewolf allowed Connor, a foreign werewolf, to claim her and fears her pack finding out Nadra, Connor s girlfriend, has fallen into the hands of Dalia and her sexy women The succubus seduces Nadra into burning, forbidden passion Annabeth, a young hunter, is about to come face to face with her first werewolf Passion and danger swirl around Connor Cuckolding the Werewolf is a 7300 word werewolf, shifter, supernatural, paranormal, harem, masturbation, sex toy, cuckolding, MILF, succubus, oral erotica for the faint at heart Free Read Cuckolding the Werebear (The Werewolfs Harem, #3) [ Author ] Reed James [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] – thegreatwallonline.us

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    Good book Good book I can t wait to read the next book in the series I would recommend this book to anyone

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    The next chapter in my werewolf harem erotica

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