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A Tomb Called Iwo Jima Firsthand Accounts From Japanese WWII Soldiers, Sailors And Pilots Who Fought In The Battle For Iwo Jima And Survived Some Were Evacuated Before The Marines Landed And Others Were Taken As Prisoners Of War The Japanese Army And Navy Combatants Are Given A Voice To Share Their Experiences In The Battle That Coined The Phrase, Uncommon Valor Was A Common Virtue.

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    Terrific book about the Japanese defense of Iwo Jima Not all Japanese were gung ho on serving, but did their duty as they were supposed to The book concentrates on two men, Akikusa and Omagari, who survived the war Akikusa, interestingly enough, was sent to a POW camp not far from where I now live.

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    Visually Historic Impressive IJN IJA surviving like animals on an island of truculent death This is real sh t I await a motion picture.

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    There are very few books available in English that detail out the experience of the Japanese soldier in World War Two Most books that are available focus on the navy or the aviators and not the common foot soldiers who participated in one of the most savage battles of the Pacific War The limited number of survivors, the guilt associated with having been captured and the advanced age of the participants makes any new book important to our understanding of the Pacific War I was surprised to learn new aspects of the battle, such as the Japanese efforts to resupply the garrison, how the caves were constructed by hand and how limited the supply of water, food and armaments was on the island The author has done a masterful job of weaving together the experiences of several participants into a very readable story without infusing his own ideas into the book so that the words of the survivors speak for themselves.My only criticism, and this did not diminish m...

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    Interesting point of view it is unfortunate that there is not books from the Japanese perspective Good book to read on the conditions the Japanese were in at the time of Iwo Jima.

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    This book is very much recommended if you want to read on the harsh reality of the Iwo Jima battle, and in specific about how the Japanese suffered there Imagine the research and effort that author Dan King has put into the book, as Japanese language skills are not very common in the Western world Besides, few Japanese soldiers survived a battle The descriptions and anecdotes he provides are gripping and cruel most of the time, as was the war in the Pacific The Japanese foot soldier suffered a lot in battles, where most died of diseases and hunger instead of bullets and explosions And they knew the end was coming, as surrendering was not really an option Dan King has brought together a lot of material from the pre battle, the actual battle, and the aftermath when many soldiers kept hidden on the island However, it would be great if this book gets a new edit Like some readers have indicated before, there are just too many spelling errors double words, etc On several topics, the story drags on and dives too deep into content which is irrelevant like school educati...

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    This is a book told from the viewpoint of Japanese soldiers who ended up on Iwo Jima during the American invasion Early on it refers to the China Incident which was really the Japanese invasion of China and the rape and destruction of Nanking and other Chinese cities It also mentions Yasakuni shrine which still exists today and has a lot about Japan and World War II During the war solders were told that, if they died, their souls would return to the shrine and they would essentially become gods.By the time of Iwo Jima it was pretty evident that this was a war that Japan started but was going to lose Iwo Jima needed to be taken to allow for an American base from which to launch fighters and to receive any B 29 s that had been damaged and need to make an emergency landing.The soldier s tales Japanese Army and Navy include how they ended up...

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    Tells a side of Iwo Jima rarely heardGood great personal stories of the Japanese survivors The author delves a few times into the stories of those soldiers that didn t survive The stories are quite moving.The only slight negative is the editing could have been strengthened I had to look up a quite few acronyms.Great book for anyone needing to r...

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    I liked the book but wish there had been even details about how the defensive fortifications were constructed and how they were used to keep the US at bay during the invasion What was it like to live in the tunnels What were typical days like How were fields of fire engineered and constructed I would have liked even of a you a...

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    An Amazing storytelling by the Japanese that were there.The book itself is a good read Very detailed, you get to know the combatants before they go to war.It does get a little slow until you get to know the feelings of the Japanese before going to war.I m am amazed by what the human race can do to each other, to themselves, and the thoughts of reasoning that the human mind is capable believing This book is an important story to be told to...

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    With the 70th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima at hand, I wanted to read another book about the battle I have previously read Flags of our Fathers, Uncommon Valor Lions of Iwo Jima.This book caught my eye as ...

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