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The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego A German Missionary Sent To Tierra Del Fuego In 1919 By His Congregation, Martin Gusinde Was A Major Americanist And Ethnographer From The First Half Of The Twentieth Century While His Mission Was Ostensibly To Convert The Native Peoples Among Whom He Lived, Gusinde Did Just The Opposite, Eventually Becoming One Of The First Westerners Ever To Be Initiated Into The Various Sacred Rites Of The Inhabitants Of Tierra Del Fuego In The Course Of Four Sojourns Made Between 1919 And 1924, From The Canals Of Western Patagonia To The Great Island Of Tierra Del Fuego, He Learned And Wrote About The Kaw Sqar, Yamana, And Selk Nam Peoples Gradually, The Missionary Became An Anthropologist.Fascinated By What He Saw, Gusinde Took Than One Thousand Photographs, All Produced Using A Portable Darkroom Gusinde Captured Some Truly Extraordinary Images That His Contemporaries Were Unable To Feather Clad Bodies Sporting High Headdresses Made Of Bark, Wrapped Up In Guanaco Furs, Or Entirely Covered With Ritual Paint, Populating A Landscape Battered By Wind, Rain, And Snow The Heart Of A Natural World That Darwin Had Celebrated, Not Long Before, For Its Wildness A Dazzling Visual Experience, Gusinde S Photographs Are A Monument To The Memory Of The Tierra Del Fuego People As Well As An Exceptional Anthropological Document.

➻ The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego  Free ➱ Author Martin Gusinde – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 300 pages
  • The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego
  • Martin Gusinde
  • 11 February 2019
  • 9780500544464

10 thoughts on “The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego

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    Un gran trabajo de investigacion

  2. says:

    A masterpiece in ethnography as well as in photography Give yourself the great experience of diving into the lost Tierre del Fuego world with Gusinde

  3. says:

    Would have liked a bit detail about the various ceremonies, tbh Photos are good, but context is too incomplete.

  4. says:

    Excellent research pictorial on a sad moment in time for the natives of Tierra Del Fuego Good background information.

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