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Ahriman Ctesias, an ancient Space Marine and former prisoner of Amon of the Thousand Sons, tells the tale of one of the events that led him to his destiny After Amon s demise, Ctesias comes into the service of Ahriman, the exiled First Captain of the broken Legion, and is given power undreamed of and drawn into a plot involving the otherworldly daemons of the warp, the machinations of Ahriman and the mysterious dead oracle. Best Read Ahriman By John French For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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    This was a really interesting short story to read after having reading Ahriman Exile It really moved things forward, especially bringing the reader back to the Oracle, as well as setting up a moment that occurs in Ahriman Gates of Ruin French really brings a nice level of action to this story, as well as working with the nature of Chaos and daemons Each of the characters brought to the table are interesting, and though not a lot really happens character dev...

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    In a chronological sense Ahriman The Dead Oracle is the first short story in John French s The Tale of Ctesias arc that accompanies and runs through the wider Ahriman series Set between Exile and Sorcerer we meet Ctesias as he first joins Ahriman s resurgent cabal, taking his place in a mission in that takes him to the domain of Menkaura, the Blind Oracle Preparing to sully his soul with yet another despicable act, Ctesias soon finds himself in deeper trouble than he expected.Read the rest o In a chronological sense Ahriman The Dead Oracle is the first short story in John French s Th...

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    A wonderful short story where neverborn are really unimaginable Lovecraftian horrors again.

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