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Scent of a Woman This is an autobiography The author is a 24x7 Consensual Slave and these are specific incidents that happened in her life New Read Kindle ePUB Scent of a Woman author Desi Daasi – thegreatwallonline.us

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    3.5 stars rounded up This short story is supposedly a true account of a married woman who l lives with her Husband her, Swami or God in a 24 7, D s relationship While reading, the sex scene in the book, I felt terrible for this woman, hoping this was not in fact a true story Soon after having these thoughts, the author surprised mewith a very creative, une...

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    Love DedicationDaasi is a slave Completely committed to her Master i enjoyed this story very much, not many are written quite as honestly If you are offended by consensual slavery you should not read this Enjoy

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